Re: De Tour Singapore?

If there were enough interested, a "Tour de Singapore" could
possibly be organized. However, would the population tolerate
sections of road closed throughout the island for a day or
half day, for the race?


"kilometric" wrote:

> Since the Tour de France straddle over 5 EU countries over
> 3000 km long, Singapore can also organized a Tour de Asean.
> However, knowing how screw up all ASEAN countries are went
> working together, it will never happen for another 100 yrs.
> If they can agree on anything like roads and trade and
> custom clearance, sports is way down the pecking order.
> "Di Da Di" <didadi@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:42e69b9c$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> Why Singapore cannot think out of the box - lie having a
>> de tour singapore on bicyle. Bicycle is nto the life
>> stream of transport in france and in europe, and yet over
>> the years, the de tour france is a growing tourism indusry
>> as people from all over the world flocked ot see these
>> cyclists engaging in this form of tournament , and they
>> move on to other european to
>> compete. All the are carried in summer from country to
>> country in europe.
>> Why is it that singapore is one of the main stream in
>> using bicyle as transport in the early days was not able
>> to promote de toru signapore on bicyclee?
>> Was it becos it looks cheap and poor immage becos the
>> cyclists will likely be the trishaw brigade? How come
>> France can do it without formual one.?
>> Can singapore have a de tour Singapore?