Re: And They Say "It's Only An Octopus". Aye Richt!

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The German language has words that express complex ideas like
'schadenfreude'. Karl-Heinz, is there a German word for
"cringing for the result but bursting with pride for the
concept"? If there isn't, there should be, in any language.
I'm not quite sure that I understand what you want to express
but I don't think there is 'one' word for it.

It's hard to express in many words let alone one. One might say
"a good idea whose results aren't as good as the idea was" or
"the concept was great, the results were horrible". There really
should be a word for it, in some language.

Of course there is a word for it, since you insist....

"breckanmusic" (sp?).

Oh, oh. Kids stand back. The fur is gonna fly again ... :) :) :)

- nilita

Why? Music is a matter of personal taste, if he had actually
listened to some of it and found it 'horrible' then at least he
judged for himself. I never professed to try to make easy listening
or pop music. If he hasn't listened to any of it and still judges
it, I wouldn't think anything less of him, I already think very
little of him.

That's right. You thought his references WRT GW sucked big time ..
:) :) - nil

I don't think I've ever said anything good of GW, you'll have to remind me.
But then Cory is a birther, he tried to solicit me to their ranks some time


Cory, don't forget that my favourite song of yours is the one in which you
sound like a chorus of angels. Make sure that is on greatest hits CD.

- nil

Yer, the greatest hits with a five pound hammer...