Re: A glimpse into the Void...

Deirdre Sholto Douglas <finch.enteract@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
:You are _never_ going to be able to convince me that
:someone who's been kicking around USENET as long as
:you doesn't know how to edit down a long post to the

I thought a full example of Adam's behaviour *was* the essentials.

Edit it and he'd no doubt complain that I was selectively editing what
he said.

Just one among many of the Stupid Usenet Tricks 101 tactics that
Eternal September folks like Adam engage in. Part and parcel of the
"he's stalking me" genre of silliness. There are dozens of them. Just
watch Adam and Highlander and you'll see most of them.

And you're right; I've been around here a long time (close to a
quarter of a century) and I don't find ANY of those sorts of tactics
anything but pathetic and deserving of some slapping around.

"False words are not only evil in themselves, but they infect the
soul with evil."
-- Socrates