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Stuck in a battle with booze
Gerry Rafferty . . .
What would an Embra paper know about Glasgow culture ?

The Humblebums were a Scottish folk band, based in Glasgow.
Billy Connolly (banjo) co-founded the band with Tam Harvey

They got it completely arse abut face re the donkeys too.

I think you're protesting just a wee bit too much about the donkeys.

So why do you hate donkeys so much?

I like donkeys. I once bought a baby donkey for five dinars in North
Africa, but the Brits
wouldn't let me bring her home because of "African Horse sickness". So
I gave her
to an Arab family and the last I saw of her was several little girls
climbing all
over her, tying rags for ribbons to her tiny mane...
She was so small that I could carry her in my arms.
I have a thing about waifs and strays, being one myself...

I ate part of one once. Oddly enough that was North Africa too.

It's just that the British are famously sentimental when it comes to
donkeys - even down to establishing 'donkey sancturies' while humans are
left to die on the streets - and I've never heard of any being mistreated in
that country. Certainly not as 'standard during a British summer'. Unless
they mean the donkey rides on the beach. Not much fun I suppose but hardly