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Zaid Hamid [BrassTacks_Direct] Send a Post card to our sister Dr.
Afia !!! Sep 14
admin» CIA threat to Pakistan Sep 7
aijaz alamdar (2)› Fw: Nayyar ZaidiAug 22

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Javed Kaleem to islaminreality, karachi-786, pakistanongoog., pakistan-
zinda., Khabor
show details 3:03 AM (21 hours ago) Reply

When I completed reading Holy Quran quite a few times with meaning, I
thought I should read Ahadis as well. So I went through quickly the
Six Correct Collections of Ahadis and Muwatta Imam Malik. In
Christianity Ahadis of Hazrat Isa are called Bible and are the basis
of the religion. In Islam Allah has bestowed us with His Original
Word, which is Quran and has also blessed us with the sayings and
deeds of holy prophet which are free from error. Quran says: " Whoever
obeyed prophet (Muhammad) has in fact obeyed Allah". At another place
Quran says : " Take what the prophet gives you and stop from what he
restrains you. " Ahadis provide in depth thought and insight into
Quranic declarations and come handy in understanding the real message
of Quran. I was so impressed with certain Ahadis that I made a small
collection and published it in Urdu by the name " Aainaeh Hadis", that
is "Mirror of Ahadis". In the month of Ramzan, I am presenting a few
Ahadis from that collection for the advantage of the readers.

1. " Actions are based on intents.
Narrated by Hazrat Umer Bukhari, Muslim

2. " A wise man is that who takes account of his deeds and works for

Abu Yaala Shaddad Tirmizi
And a fool is that who makes himself a slave of his desires "

3. Abu Umrah RA asked Allah's messenger to advise him so that he
need no further advice. He said: " Believe in Allah and be
Muslim, Tirmizi

4. Rush to do virtues, before seven
things Abu
Hurairah Tirmizi

1. Poverty which affects your intelligence.
2. Richness that makes you careless about obedience.
3. A sickness that makes your body weak and hollow.
4 Old age which deprives you of your brilliance
5.Death that may overtake you suddenly.
6. Dajjal who will destroy your belief.
7. Doomsday which is very bitter and dreadful. "

5 "In the coming age, there will be people who will call you
different ways. Some of them would be good and some would be
People will spread misguidance as if they were standing on
the gates
of hell. Whoever listens to them will end up in Hell. Attach
to Muslims and the Jamaat of Muslims. But if you cannot find
then keep away with such sects.
" Huzifah bin
Yamani Bukhari

(This is a clear order not to be called by name of sects such
as deobandi, wahabi,salfi or shia, sunni etc.
But for reasons best known to them, our ulemaa seem to have
ignored this advice from holy prophet)

6 "Whoever walks to Masjid (especially) in morning and night
Allah will arrange for his guesthood in
paradise. Abu Hurairah

7. " Everyone from my nation will enter paradise, except the one
refuses to accept me. The one who disobeys me is like the
who rejected me.
" Abu
Hurairah Bukhari

Muhammad Javed Iqbal