Re: Seeker beats his chest and says there is no word like 'fatty' !!! Only to be beaten back AGAIN !!! I am getting tired of this pakistani ape's idiocity

Whatever. Show me where I said fatty is not a word.

<baani.t@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Seeker you have created a record for talking non stop nonsense .Try for
the Guinness world book of records. I am sure your name shall find a
place there :-)
Seeker wrote:
Show me where I have said fatty is not a word. I have been asking you
question for days now, but you have failed to answer. You keep on
away from all my questions like a coward.

<gunjan.ghai@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

Read this - and this proves that you talk without thinking or checking
your stuff....typical jihadi !! LoL

And read this

Got many more....but will you shut up and accept that you made a
mistake now ? LoL


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