Even God's Arm Is Not Long Enough To Catch The Murderers Of Gujarat!

The curious silence around Modi
Those who feel that the post-Godhra Gujarat riots of 2002 constitute
one of the most shameful episodes in the history of independent India
might celebrate the Supreme Court's directive to the Special
Investigative Team, headed by ex-CBI director R K Raghavan, to inquire
into the role of chief minister Narendra Modi, 15 other Gujarat
ministers and MLAs, and saffron leaders such as Praveen Togadia in the
organised violence and submit its report in three months. Such
celebrations would be premature.

In response to the SC order, the widow of former Congress MP Ahasan
Jafri who was murdered by a mob during the riots has said "Allah ke
haath lambe hain" (God's arm is long). Tragically, long as it might
be, even God's arm is not long enough to retrieve the miscarriage of
justice from the tortuous labyrinths of what passes for India's legal
system. -- Jug Suraiya

The campaign to project Narendra Modi as the BJP's future prime
minister has taken some interesting turns. First, the Supreme Court
has ordered a probe into Modi's role in the Gujarat riots. Second, the
Congress has been strangely reluctant to raise this issue or to call
for Modi's head.

Third, the Rajnath Singh camp within the BJP has hit back. It
recognises that the subtext of the campaign is to denigrate Rajnath's
own position. And finally, more BJP leaders have signalled their
support for Modi suggesting that they regard his ascension as
inevitable. -- Vir Sanghvi

The question is relevant because the order against Modi, 11 members of
his Cabinet, bureaucrats and policemen has the potential of polarising
the electorate in the state where communal peace has been tenuous
since the 2002 pogrom. Political pundits are already arguing whether
the probe that ended the complainant's seven-year-long wait for
judicial redress, could be a blessing in disguise for the CM? --Vinod

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