We Stand With You Denmark

We stand united with your government in its stand against the terrorism
through diplomacy being waged by the Saudi and newly elected
Palestinian governments. Neither of these governments recognize the
rights of Christians or Jews, and ideologically resemble the Nazis whom
your people opposed in valiant resistance throughout World War II in
more ways than one. Be aware that like the Nazis both the Saudi and
Palestinian governments hate the Jews, do not permit freedom of
worship, are engaged in political intrigue and murder, and expect
things of others that they themselves are not capable of. When you
read of the protests and angry denunciations of your government by the
Saudi and Palestinian governments, remember the threats made by Hitler
against your government and the strong resistance your people mounted
to the Nazis, and how the Nazis were ultimately defeated and destroyed.
Remember those lessons, and that we stand with you unto death
defending freedom, Christian civilization, and Israel from the darkness
of wicked Nazis.