Re: [OT] Streamyx customer care number from overseas / house moving

Here's what I think most normal people who really need to get work done
will do. First, they can get their parents/folks to apply for the line
which takes only a few days to set up, by the contractor ( took all of 2
days only, in my case, a few years ago ),

"...a few days..."
Is this the common case these days? I guess there are no more 3-month wait
horror stories. When I had it set up in... 2003 I believe it was... it took
a little over 6 weeks. MV, and is quite area dependant (mine's Bangsar
FWIW), but granted: I haven't any recent experience or knowledge on the

If the policy for movers is that they have to simply reapply then you'd be
placed in the back of the queue (if there is one), and in case of heavy
demand you may get stuck up the creek without a port at the exchange... this
is my main fear :-(

As for cybercafe, using friend's Internet, camping outside starbucks etc...
all possible in a pinch. Thanks for your suggestion.