Re: Muslim Misery

The folly is, Islam is never reconize as a religion.

Instead it is use to govern. Than the pretend starts. ALLAH WILL THIS AND

As all religions, it is another man made object like TOYOTA. It aged and
get out dated. If you retain it as devine, you have to keep pace with it.
Meaning, living in the world of Mohammad than.

So enter CONFLICT and the influence of developed society. Where there is
enough food and easy life.

So what do the IMANS did, branded everything DEVIL works.

I shall be most happy if Muslim just use their sword in IRAQ like Mohammad.

"Parvez" <nawaz_chillizone@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Dear All

Muslim misery and suffering is as common today as it was in the days of
Iqbal. Every day that passes brings more death and destruction to
Muslims, only at a much wider scale. It is sad to see Muslim
governments collaborating with non Muslims to inflict damage and
suffering against fellow Muslims. Many Muslim groups are also engaged
in fighting against each other in many parts of the Muslim world. And
in some countries where Muslims are in minority, their condition is
even worse. As a minority they are systematically being subjected to
discrimination, humiliation, persecution, torture and rape. One wonders
is it ever going to end?



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