Crooked bridge won’t help Johor - Malaysiakini

Crooked bridge won?t help Johor - Malaysiakini
Nasser Ismail Jul 4, 06 3:53pm

I refer to the letter "/letters/53249" Crooked bridge would have brought in billions
and would like to clarify the following points:
Construction of the crooked bridge would not enable modern container ships to travel
from Pasir Gudang to the Port of Tanjung Pelepas for two reasons:
a) The depth of the water in the Johor Straits is less than 10 metres whereby the
draft requirements of modern-day container ships is at now 14-15 metres and this
could increase in the next few years as even bigger ships come into service.
Therefore, the Pasir Gudang-Tanjung Pelepas passage would only be possible if the
government decides to dredge an new access channel along the entire Johor Straits
which would cost far more than even two crooked bridges. Even then there are
b) The Tuas Second Link bridge was not designed to allow for the passage of large
container vessels which can be more than 40m wide. Unless there are plans to demolish
the Second Link to accommodate these ships, there is likely to be very little impact
on shipping between the two ports as Tanjung Pelepas is primarily a transshipment
port which handles some the largest ships in the world.
So by itself, neither a crooked nor a straight bridge would result in a significant
increase in container shipping via Tanjung Pelepas unless the Johor Straits is
dredged and the Second Link modified to allow for modern container ships to pass

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