mkl= Minority being silenced

Minority being silenced
K Narayanasamy
May 17, 06 3:19pm

I refer to the report Police ignored mob, say forum organisers.

The forum was held within the legal framework of our nation, but the protest was
definitely illegal. For the police to allow the protest, and ensure that the
protesters had their wishes fulfilled is a mockery of our law enforcement. Maybe
this is an example of selective enforcement that is a hidden agenda best known
to those in authority.

The supporters of the protest want to silence the non-Muslims who wish to
safeguard their own rights in this country. They were not in any way discussing
Islam or the position of Muslims in this country. Instead of holding
demonstrations, these protestors should participate in the forum to give their
views to fellow Malaysians of other faiths.

With the interfaith commission not being able to involve Muslims as Islam, as
the official religion, can't be seen as being equal to the other faiths in this
country, it seems that there will never be a meaningful dialogue to solve the
concerns of both parties.

From the political viewpoint, it is no secret that the non-Muslim parties can
only appeal on religious matters during their parties' annual general meetings.
They can?t even give a memorandum to the prime minister, let alone bring up the
matter at a cabinet meeting.

Even then, it is not difficult to see that the voice of the minority will be too
feeble unless the PM wants to listen.

Unless a mechanism is devised to tackle this basic issue, nothing concrete is
going to take place. Political and demographic might will probably be used to
silence the minority into subordination. It is always difficult to find
solutions when the issue is hotly debated. Maybe the PM is hoping to move when
the situation is more peaceful.

In historic Malacca, the Kampung Kling mosque is flanked by a Hindu temple and a
Chinese temple. The people of Malacca have lived together from the time of the
Melaka Sultanate, through the Portuguese period and under the Dutch who later
who gave them the land titles for these places of worship. Today, can we ever
dream of having such places of worship in the same vicinity?

We are supposed to be more educated and globalised through world-class
telecommunications. We are supposed to have had positive universal values
inculcated in us through the schooling system that has been put into place so

We seem to think that our survival depends on the demise of our adversaries and
any concession given to the other is a sign of weakness of the self. How then do
we discuss problems what more overcome them?

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