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Name one!

Man, Steven, you are tempting me .....

Iran for the jail bait ( or Annihilation ) title of the year. If you got
nuclear, just make a simple press statement and keep your mouth shut after
that. No need to go around bragging and make everyone else trigger itchy.
And if you don't have any, more reason to keep your mouth shut and not
about having any. God can't protect you from a nuclear assault

I see a poker game going on here, a very dumb and irresponsible one too!
Keep talking long enough ans they will have nuclear capabilities! It's like
those Koreans... they knew it, but now it's to late to act. The potential
cost, human or else, would be to high. How to solve? Drop a nuclear bomb,
Hiroshima or Nagasaki style... clean job, one day effort and compared to
Afghanistan and Irak fairly economic.

It's hard to compare with Malaysia which has no nuclear ambitions (yet). I
would have to say though that as far as the racism bit goes, Iran is not
that much worse then Malaysia. Different wrapper and different tools, but
the same theory behind it, preference of a certain race and religion.

I'm not sure if I can give you point for Iran.

Zimbabwe - No reason to get rid of everyone who knows how to manage the
country properly, just because they are white, and you are not. They
obviously did not follow Temasek and Malaya history that closely to
that sometimes, if you are stupid, just accept the fact and don't try to
too smart. Some people are good leaders and managers, and some really are
not, and I'm staying away from saying anything racial on this matter

It's one of those "don't fix if it ain't broken" things... first they had
little, but they had jobs, export, infrastructures, in short means to
survive... only thing they did not have was furtile land. Now they have the
land, but not the knowledge to work it, much is destroyed to make a quick
profit (sounds very Malaysian) hence now they have nothing. The blacks now
even call for the whites to return and work the land, forced to share the

Compare to Malaysia, Malay want it all and would no doubt love to see the
back of the Indians and Chinese but at the same time they need these people
to keep things up and running. The difference is that Somalians thought
they were smart, while the Malays knew they were "outsmarted". The NEP kept
Malaysia from turning into a Somalia... but what when the NEP will be

Malaysia, today not as bad as Somalia, but the potential was and still is
there. I'm not giving you a point for Zimbabwe either.

Black Hawk Down Somalia - I was told they are starving and there's still
quite some factional and civil fighting every day, from a friend who was
suppossed to go there, to look at business opportunities, and then when he
got to Abu Dhabi, realized that what I said was correct, that it's a hell
hole over there, and stayed in Abu Dhabi for a week, before cathching the
next available flight home to Penang. They've got oil offshore, plenty of
it, if you notice the number of exploration contracts given out and the
names of the companies doing exploration there. Population of 6-7 million
only, which is in the Singapore population category ( even though
has like 2 million but i put them into the same category, like also
Switzerland, or Liechstenstein ). Well, look at the way people live in
Somalia, compared to Singapore, or the Swiss ...... And Somalia has got
tons of oil offshore.

Oil revenue is available to a select few only. Malaysia also has oil
resources, but where's the benefits? Sure Petronas is big enough, but fuel
still remains expensive. In another example, do you see the Borneo states
benefit from their oil the way KL does? Sure enough, Malaysia puts a more
civilised twist to it, the make laws that allow them to do the things they
do. They keep more people out of the gutter to make it look good. In the
margin I'dd like to mention the high levels of corruption as well.

How well is Malaysia doing in your opinion? Chinese and Indian population
(on which the economy depends) are decrasing, oil will eventually run out,
the NEP will have done enough damage to last generations, Proton is no good,
MAS is no good, ... Petronas does well but only until oil runs out, which
leaves the Genting group? You might know others doing well, but seriously,
is it enough to keep the economy going?

Nevertheless, I will give you a point for Somalia.

Personally, I wouldn't want to live in any country in Africa. Visit also
don't want. Middle East ?? Visit maybe. My brother visited Egypt last
year and thought it was a nice place. Lots of tourists who visit Malaysia
thinks it's a nice place too, so I guess it's relative. These tourists
don't have to pay taxes here and see how our tax money is wasted down the

What Africa is concerned, I agree... don't go beyond the tourist spots in
places like Egypt or South-Africa. Visit the Middle East? No thanks, there
are better ways to spend hard earned money then that. That being said
though, I myself have no interest in visiting any country on the American
continents as well, with the exception of Canada.
As far as Malaysia goes, tourists only get to see the outside layer... as a
tourist it's easier to whipe any "cultural differences" under the carpet,
because they don't care, they don't get confronted with it, there's no
interest whatsoever. They are just here to have a good time.

Anyway Adchin, how well Malaysia does depends on who you compare it to. If
you have to compare Malaysia to African countries, the worst of the worst,
in order to make Malaysia look better, that my friend is not so good!
Malaysia will meet 2020 goals easily when compared to, I don't know
Antarctica or something, but compare it to what Malaysia wants to compare
itself with, a western country, well then I don't think 2020 will be

My 2cents Adchin, it ain't gospel just an opinion.