Re: Malaysia pig breeders protest state's order

alex® wrote:
Mr Magoo wrote:

You meant there is no DAP reps here in Selangor is it? What about

You've completely bypassed the question, again. Sure there are DAP reps
in Selangor. There are UMNO reps also, PKR reps also...reps from
everywhere. But it is the MP of the AFFECTED AREA there that is
responsible for the woes of the people. Correct or not? So, again, I ask
you the question that pluto asked you, who is the MP of the affected area.

The hell I know. My problem with DAP is that they are very quick to
voice out any problem if it is affected Chinese but not when it
involved others. That is my perception and I believed I am not the only
one here.

Your analogy here is wrong, in my opinion. Surely if you want to accuse
DAP of not doing anything in an area where THEY ARE NOT the wakil, then
surely PKR is also guilty of the same thing. They also didn't do
anything. Neither did PAS. So actually I don't get your point.

The other opposition is equally gulity. No doubt about that.

IF the wakil of the affected area is DAP, AND the wakil DID NOTHING,
then your points are valid. So to save some time, please just answer the
question and tell me who is the wakil of the affected area. Don't try to
twist and turn and just ignore the question time and again. Please.

My answer is the hell I know.... So does it means DAP can't show any
interest in the problem?


Mr Magoo