Re: Is there a trick behind the NEP agenda?

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> >>Goldman Sach is definitely more credible than Timmermans, surely? I
> >>don't know what they used as reference. What did you use as reference
> >>when you said Malaysia was in an artificial bubble and that things are
> >>not as good as they seem to be? Goldman Sachs probably used the same
> >>figures as you to come out with their view. Obviously more people are
> >>going to believe their analysis of these figures than one Timmermans.
> >
> >
> > I don't aim to reach anyone with my crap except you and those who read
> > thread. It's not because I am a simple workman that Goldman Sachs
> > get it right by default. The bubble reference... experience my friend!
> > Anyone who opens their eyes can see a constant flow of shit that 9/10
> > doesn't make any sence.
> >
> > I don't claim to be or know better, but I disagree with GS. You don't,
> > that's also fine. We agree to disagree ;-)
> It's good that you say that. When you put it that way there is certainly
> less room for misunderstanding. For example if you had said :-
> Malaysia is going down the dumps, bubble's gonna burst, they not gonna
> make 2020 and will be lucky if they can get it right in 2120, but that's
> just my opinion eventhough GS [which coincidentally handles billions in
> investment] thinks completely differently and has stated that M'sia is
> doing great and is going to meet 2020.
> I wouldn't have bothered to put down my differing views. From your
> previous posts it just seemed that you thought you knew better than GS
> or didn't know about GS's views.

No sweat man ;-)

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> >>>2020... try again, say 2121?
> >>>
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> >>I'm just happy and thankful that there are way more people below us than
> >>there are above us. For some reason or other, that seems to annoy you.
> >
> >
> > Because Malaysia constantly claims to be doing better then it actually
> > and they go to great lengths to keep that story going, that's all.
> > or not it is part of their propaganda machine... I leave it up to you to
> > make up your own mind. No further beef my friend.
> >
> But aren't you doing the same thing by trying to paint M'sia as being
> worse than it actually is? For e.g. your opinions about a bubble in
> Malaysia and how bad it is despite contrary claims by GS. And how did
> you process that info about M;sia being no. 52 in GDP per capita out of
> 170+ countries. Oh we'll just leave out all 4th world and African
> countries. Errr...excuse me, we're trying to compare M'sia with the
> whole world here. If you wanna leave out 4th world and African, why stop
> at that, let's leave out 1st world and European countries then. Surprise
> surprise....we'll still make the top 60-70% percentile of the remaining
> countries. Wanna just compare Asean?? Surprise surprise...we'll still
> make the top 60-70 percentile. Wanna just compare SE Asia....surprise
> surprise!!

Yawn! You're not getting my point.

What I tried to point out is that numbers, and that goes especially for
Malaysia, are not always what they seem. Goldman Sachs with, as you
mention, billions in investments in the country are in no way a reliable
source. Know the term "conflict of interests" ? With billions of
investments, ofcourse they will back the positive twist, nobody cares to
knock in their own windows.

> >
> >>And I'm not proud of us being better than the guys below us. In fact, my
> >>position is we're not as bad as you want to paint us to be, considering
> >>that we are better than most other countries. For some reason, you seem
> >>to find that offensive.
> >
> >
> > Offensive, not at all... being a realist here. If you experience that
> > offensive then so be it.
> >
> See above. Sorry, but I don't think you're a realist. I'm the realist
> here. I can accept Malaysia is far from perfect. I can accept that
> Malaysia is in the 60-70% percentile in terms of standards of living.
> You are the one who thinks 4th world and Africans don't count and that
> makes M'sia bottom of the heap.

I never said they didn't count, I said they are in no position to be
comparing to. Everyone does good next to Ethiopia!!!

I say it again, the numbers do not represent the whole of Malaysia in a
genuine way and no matter how good or bad you think they are doing, I say
they are severely overestimating this countries position and abilities.

> > I'm standing next to a poor guy and I tell you
> >
> >>that I feel happy and thankful that I have a better life than him. You
> >>think that what I'm trying to say is that I'm a rich guy and this annoys
> >>you because your view is that we are not good enough to be called a rich
> >>guy, but guess what? I'm not saying I'm rich...just saying
> >>phew....lucky, coulda been worse.
> >
> >
> > I don't know if you're rich, I don't care either... I never said you are
> > good enough to be called rich... you're twisting my words out of context
> > here. All I said is that it is easy to feel rich if you compare to the
> > in the world.
> >
> I'm not just comparing to the poor. I'm also comparing to the rich and I
> note that there's way way more poorer people compared to us and I am
> also *completely aware* of the substantial amount of people better than
> us. You on the other hand just want to look at how many people are
> richer than us whilst assuming that those who are worse off don't matter
> when doing comparisons. And put us down based on this.

Nope, see above. I say if you start comparing, do it right! There's no use
in comparing to the worlds poorest, that way you always come out a winner!
I don't care for who the richest or who's the poorest... just compare to the
right countries!

I do not put Malaysia down, though if I could I probably would. You are
twisting my words to make it appear so just to have an argument. Try
reading what I write and keep it in context.

> > And your trying to highlight all the
> >
> >>bad things going in my life doesnt make me feel bad cos I'm looking at
> >>the good things going on in my life. Yup, coulda been better, but it
> >>coulda been a helluva worse.
> >
> >
> > And I agreed to that. No arguments there. Mind you, I do not wish to
> > you feel bad... just pointing out some obvious things here as we are
> > a discussion. The guilt trip you're on is beyond me!
> >
> Hey , nothing to feel bad about. Just wanted to provide some balanced
> view to the readers here. I do sense you are pretty frustrated with
> Malaysia though. I think every country is pretty much the same, there's
> good and there's bad. When it comes to a stage where you are only
> focused on the bad and think about the bad every minute of the day, it's
> time to move on or your life is pretty much gonna suck. I feel sorry for
> you that you have to spend years of your life in a country that you
> obviously don't like, just so that you can accumulate a nest egg for the
> future. Is it worth it? A big chunk of your life gone, missing a big
> part of your kid growing up, your spouse?
> You come from Belgium, no? A country ranked no.12 in terms of GDP per
> capita. Woah! nice. Too bad it's citizens still have to sacrifice so
> much to earn a living and to ensure a comfortable retirement.

Don't get me wrong, I like Malaysia... as a country, not as an institution.
I do not focus on the negative, it is just that the negative is far more
overwhelming then the positive. That's all there's to it.

My wife is Malaysian, my kids are here... I don't miss a thing bro.
As for your bit on Belgium, I fail to see what has been sacrificed. It is

> >
> >>And talking about on paper, well the US seems pretty cool now but if you
> >>really wanted to, you can dig up lots of stuff by people complaining
> >>about how it sucks, how it's virtually bankrupt and owing USD7+ trillion
> >
> >
> > For your info, I never regarded US as being rich in any way... not money
> > wise, not cultural, not with anything. The US is in effect the
> > bubble' of the western world. I care less what happens in the US...
> > positive thing from that side of the world is that they come out with a
> > movie every now end then.
> >
> > Have a nice day bro, and relax a bit... do not get to upset about a
> > discussion here.
> >
> You too bro. Try looking for some positives in Malaysia. You gonna get
> depression if you let all the bad stuff get to you. Can't do much about
> the humidity though.

Airco will do the trick!

I got plenty positive... don't worry about me, I'm just fine.
You keep your heartrates down now, ok? ;-)