Re: [nst] Murder a crime of passion’

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>>>[pn: how come a gro can be so young --19?- what experience has she got?
>>>assuming she starts at 16 she has 3 years of "experience"
>>>if at 13, 6 years..if .... ;-)
>>>also how come gros are getting stabbed rather than raped, instead they
>>>rippoff clients?... looks like clients now turn the table?
>>>revenge is getting sweeter nowadays?]
>>Errr...revenge? Whatever she did, she don't deserve to die. She
>>might not even have ripped off anyone.
>then, k am, what did she do to have the privilege of being stabbed to
>lover's vengence?
>the underworld of vice is seedly
>it is in the hours of darkness,[of the hearts pn's addition] when evil is
>most exalted
>--- sherlock holmes

Crime of passion. Maybe a boyfriend can't stand her working in this