Re: Religion made to control man

I beg to differ that being 'religious' these days automatically gives
you good-boy points. In fact, it may be otherwise.

Muslims in Malaysia are compelled to be at mosques every Friday, where,
if you think about it, is designed to re-inforce the power of the
religious institution. The same goes on in the more 'religious'
Christian countries.

Religious teachings, like politics and any other ideology is to make a
group of people have the same understanding of the ideology. The
ammunition of any religion is people. The more people, the more
powerful it can be.

Suppose the whole world has only 1 religion, what will become of it? My
bet is that within that 1 religion, there will be factions.

There are more hedious sins that 'cari ayam'. Would the killing of
innocents be justified under any circumstances?