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you don't know what spam is

Emberformaju folytatna.

most mar nem vagy kereszteny?

Spam is, ... vagy hozna peldat.

H.R. 3113 would require unsolicited commercial e-mail messages to be
labelled and to include opt-out instructions, and would prohibit false
routing information in such messages. It would prohibit the use of a
provider's facilities to send unsolicited commercial e-mail in violation
of the provider's policies, if the policies are clearly posted on a web
site at the domain name included in the recipient's e-mail address or
are made available by an FTC-approved standard method (presumably, via
the provider's SMTP server).

hogyan kapcsolodik?

ez spam vagy ez a pelda?

inkabb probald esztet

"Spamming is the abuse of any electronic communications medium to send
unsolicited messages in bulk. While its definition usually extends to
the sending of any unsolicited bulk electronic communication, some
exclude from the definition of the term "spam" messages considered by
the receiver (or even just the sender) to be targeted, non-commercial,
or wanted. "


praktikusan szolva, te is meg sucky is spamoltok az o.t.
nazi szarral amit iderejszoltok nap-nap utan

te emberformajunak tartod magad?