Kein Tresspassing

6 September - The spokesman of President Vaclav Klaus has mounted a
signpost on the edge of his private estate welcoming passers-by to the Czech
Republic and informing them that the EU does not extend beyond the perimeter
of his private property.

The sign, written in Czech and English, is furnished with the Czech coat of
arms and a distinctly crossed-out EU flag.

"Some people write 'no trespassing' on their signs and I simply put this
there instead", explains Petr Hajek, the spokesman of an EU-member's head of

Though he concedes the sign is in part a playful exaggeration, he points out
it does reflect his opinion.

Hajek is known for his irritation with EU symbols. When asked why an EU flag
was not hoisted beside the Czech flag on Prague Castle during last year's
elections to the European Parliament, Hajek responded: "We did not even
consider doing so, it never crossed our minds. The mere thought is chilling
to me, I just recollect those Soviet banners".

CTK news edited by the staff of the Prague Daily Monitor, a Monitor CE