Re: fellow christians wake up to arms , from all over the continents leave tomorrow toward Lebanon , your mother ,sisters are in danger to be slaughtered

Lbe#1 please remember that your Army is Majority Shia. Which means
MAjority of the Army on the Ground who stood cover for Ein Remeneh today
without even Metal JAckets, were Mostly Shia. So lets tone down on the Anti
Shia, LEt Cool Heads Prevail.

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On Jan 27, 7:59 pm, marchad...@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
which christians are you calling to arms? the 70% or the 30%?

and more importantly, if they're going back by plane, how will they
get to east beirut if the airport road is closed?

I'm full of questions today
no time for your sarcasm, you didn't live in Ainmn El Roummaneh yet to
know what the christians faced and still facing, and many will go
there actually there is many with arms in the street as we speak in
every building