Re: shooting the messenger...

On Jan 25, 10:13 pm, BasilRathbone2...@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Marc, the sha3ab want a life,

basil, the problem is that they don't all want the same life, one half
actually wants a totally opposite lifestyle to that of the other
half. this must be resolved once and for all and not simply patched
up, otherwise life will continue to be hell for both halves. not long
ago half of americans wanted to have slaves and the other half were
morally opposed to it, they didn't work it out by simply bringing
michel sleiman as president.

concerned they might have to pick up M-16s and Klashnikovs and blood
will spilled, because they are tired of Hezbollah protests,

I'm afraid if we continue to govern ourselves with political
absurdities, we will get to that stage again sooner or later just like
we did in 1975. when a country is deeply and almost evenly divided,
either you change the system or one side has to completely defeat the
other, we're not the first people to go through such a situation.

assassinations or is that a trap they want people to fall into and
Syria wants another civil war so the Lebanese will be distracted from
having a trial about Hariri?

yes the syrian baath is fighting for its life and they have nothing to
lose anymore, but even without getting the syrians and the hariri
tribunal into this, the lebanese problem remains an unsolved ticking
bomb, the syrians are just exploiting the flaws and cracks in the
design. I don't know how can a people call themselves as such when
they all mistrust each other and hate each others guts so much, what
is so magical about this failed lebanese formula that no one can even
conceive of changing it, either it's yet another sacred divine holy
11th commandment like all the other crap descended from god in this
region or we are just simply too selfish and retarded that we can't
imagine giving up individual perks for a greater common benefit. I'm
inclined to believe the latter more, or at least not to believe the
former as much.