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i do not know how to ride motorcycle could we ride tricycle or those off road 4 wheelers ATV.

Maybe you and TKM can ride these Hmong 4-wheel racing mobiles. But do not do like #10 & 18.  Watch at 2:20 clip.

5555555 That looks like fun!  I want one!


555555555 I think it will flood again here too. I've heard that it is
flooded north and south of Bangkok already. We got some rain the past
few days, but didn't last long. Only short 1-2 hour each time, which
is wonderful, everything in the neighborhood is so green and colorful
with flowers. The poor gardeners are very very busy trimming all the
new growth though. They are hauling the trimmings away every day in
trucks(reverse motorcycle trikes). I took a ride out and about and I
see a lot of overgrown grass and weed in areas that don't have
contracted landscaping. A lot of rain here for sure.