Bali's Deteriorating Enviornmental Problems from Massive Tourism a Good Lesson for Laos

Laos, in many ways, is like Bali of the 1970s, when tourism to that little island was only in the 100,000+ per year. Now, it is around 2,500,000 per year, more than half of the local population, which has also more than double.

And, as the short documentary shows, Bali's tiny and sensitive ecology can't cope with so much traffic, so much trash and pollution.

Laos is trying to attract more tourists, and from videos in YouTube, some of us have already commented don how these tourists are slowly changing the infrastural and architectural -- as well as the natural --- landscape of places like Vang Vieng, where some of us used to know as children.

To me, of all nation in the world, I think BHUTAN has taken the MOST INNOVATIVE approach to tourism:

Bhutan is charging EVERY TOURIST about $250 PER DAY, visiting the country. And that's in ADDITION to hotel and other fancy accommodations.

Just entering Bhutan, you have to pay, EVERY DAY YOU STAY, $250, per day.

That, to me, is how you limit outsiders, particularly tourists who have NO CARE about the local people or the country --- from city to countryside. All they want to do is pass through, leave their garbage, and leave.