Re: Ai LAO History...All U Need to Know About!

Thank you for sharing. Please do share even more. Obviously, from my
part I can share that how wrong would I be if I can't tell which part
of Lao history is right or wrong. I guess it is all correct to me.
And how wrong would I be if I do not know wrong from right?

So, Khun Borom is a Lao ancestor from China!! Does Khun Borom detect
via gene Thalassemia (say "thal-uh-SEE-mee-uh")??

On Dec 13, 11:26 am, laocan...@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Lao a great  *Graceful *Peaceful and *Humble people
To confine the history of Lao people within the space of a few 300

Here a Link posted in Audio in Youtube by "HuaNgou"

Just Wanted you to know, These information you posted had give me and
I AM sure other Had greatly clean up our blur-Vision... and plus A
Millions more of  Lao also out there that have not hear or about to

about the book of Khun Borom " How Great the 'History of AiLao

We were people that migrated from the Ai Lao Shan (meaning Ai Lao

Through out History We alway been humble peaceful people...Because we
were brought up this way...

Proud to be Pinor n Lok Lai khun AiLao of Khun Borom
Alway will be n alway will be LAO

Any further comment are a WELCOME