Re: Lao gold gone...

Hey Johhny,
Anybody on radio can say anything they like, doesn't make it true. Bush
said years ago that the war in Iraq was over, complete, won! Now that's a
lie isn't it. And that was made on TV and radio, didn't make it any truer
because it was heard on TV and radio. Do you understand the concept of
opinion verses fact? What is the difference

Did RFI give you sources for the information? Who (name please) actually
made the statements in question? Who (name please) conducted the interview?
If I understand what was probably reported on RFI, it was most likely just
an interview with a liar. A liar that doesn't know anything but wants to
raise shit with gullible dumbies like Pizone and yourself.

The two of you are so smart, you claim Pan Aus. has been mining this
gold since 2004? That is interesting because they never stated mine
operations until 2005. Just like they won' t have the copper and silver
processing facilities operational until mid 2008. They must be mining with
Phi mine refineries, invisible, ethereal, yah better call ghost-busters!.

Phi Dung Mo

<johnny908@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message


Yes, Pizon you are absolutely right? How you going to fight with
radio? Yell at radio, scream at radio, hammer the radio or report the
radio station to police (FBI) for faulty of news because they scam my
LPDR. If whose think this ways must be belong to the group of
unparallel to human being.

Hakepheng John,