Re: I solve my oil crises, looking for the upper hand to venture it.

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Hey I think you have a good point, but it think it got to be an
to those guys who love oil who would to push for a chance. Getting a
is expensive and time consuming (3-5 yrs) with $20k to invest and even
this money it's not going to be easy or guaranteed to get it to protect

I had one guy approaching me, he said I can go through the media company
owned by his mom to raise funds to get the patent, but them again I do
trust the attorney. I am thinking to go overseas with this idea to the

Thank you for your response.

Hi Khamsing,

I know a very good attorney you can trust, he works in NYC. He is
corporate attorney and knows alot about business stuffs. I think he
can help you with many legal aspects that you and I might not know
about. If you want to contact him directly; please e-mail me at
rpphas@xxxxxxxxx then I'll give you his personal e-mail so you can
communicate with him.

Oh, by the way he is Lao and always want to see Lao people prosper. I
will give him a call today and tell him your story first.

Huck paeng

Thank you for your suggestion. I've been referred to a trustable attorney
before it turned out to be bad one for me. I will keep this in mind.