Re: ABC Reports new information on the arrest of Kay and Kerry Danes

ທ້າວໃຂ່ຫ່ານ wrote:
It was you who betrayed the trust of Australian Government Department
of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Mr. Frank Ingruber when you broadcast
his letter for the world to see, when he specifically stated in his
letter, “The success of these operations has depended on the projects
maintaining a low profile.”

By doing so, you have also jeopardized the welfare of the very people
you claim to protect.

It was you who betrayed your lawyer when he risked his life to take
those pictures for you. Kay Danes. “I'm sorry for the poor quality.
It is from a distance because it is not allowed to take a picture of
this kind in Laos.” Kay Danes again, “As far as I know, these
photo's that I got on my site are the most current because no-one has
been able to take any picture of current Laos prison. My former lawyer
took the one at Phonthong Prison. He was almost arrested for taking it.

Many Lao prople are so eager to please foreigners such as your lawyer who put his life in danger (according to you) to take the pictures for you and took advantage of that w/o comcern for his safety.

It was you who stated that, “But Chaisone, they donate with strings
attached. Nothing is ever for free no?”
Those are your own words… You betrayed people who trusted you. You
have jeopardized other people’s welfare for your own interest on many
occasions (in your own words no less). You clearly states that nothing
is ever for free.

Nothing out of context here, I remember it well, you spcifically said
that this and meant this.

Everything that I have stated above is all true, Ms. Danes, they all
come from you and only you. You published Frank Ingruber's letter here
when he asked you not to. You told wveryone you stabbed your lawyer in
the back in SCL. You told everyone that Australia donated to Laos with
strings attached. I didn't make any of these up Ms. Danes, You gave
all these to me. You contradicted yourself here. I didn't seek these
out, you gave them all to us here in SCL. You can't keep a secret, you
have a big mouth and you want attention. It is very clear for all to
see and understand. Everything I have ever learned about you is from

I'm not out to discredit anyone Ms. Danes, simply observing and
highlighting was has transpired here in SCL.

Yes I still conclude that you are not credible, you are self-centered,
self-promoting (every time you show your face in here), an opportunist
and a profiteer. If the shoe fits, wear it.

Conclusion remainsl the same. You were not a political prisoner. You
are a criminal, you were a criminal prisoner, tried and convicted in a
court of law, you were not treated anyworse than any other prisoners by
the Lao government. The guards did not torture you nor were they more
"mean" to you than they were with any other prisoners.