Re: State-run newspaper in Laos slams U.S.-backed radio station for 'misinformation'

Sabaidee Dr. Pao, I love LPDR government did
many-many good thing for KhonLao, fit my spec
wery well... but not this one.
I'm shock and let me take a deep breath first.
Last year when I was in Laos, on the bus most of
them were talking about Chaofa activities, Chaofa group
were supported by Hmongnork, to do all kind of violence
in Laos, including attacked the bus, throwed grenade
to police station, burned their house, burned their rice shack
(Laokhao) stoled their livestocks, sometime even stoled
cooking food, most of the time happen on LaoKang
village near by.
"if we don't kill them~ they will kill us~". one of
LaoKang guy said on the i get the picture,
the choice is Hmongnork. Dr. Pao you get an exciting
and notable name, can you make a phone call ask
them to come out, perhaps end this conflict??