Re: Is Israel on the Road to Self-Destruction?

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Is Israel on the Road to Self-Destruction?
Alan Hart January 31, 2012 1

Our current leaders have made Israeli Judaism just a post-traumatic
syndrome, while they lead us to self-destruction. by Alan Hart
One very well informed and courageous Israeli who thinks the answer is
“Yes” is Merav Michaeli, a radio and television presenter who also
writes for Ha’aretz. She is completely without fear when it comes to
telling it like it is.


If there comes a time when it seemed to them that the Zionist
state’s self-destruction was imminent, Israel’s leaders would respond
in the same way as they would if their state was in danger of being
defeated on the battlefield.

As readers of my book Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews know,
that response was put into words by Golda Meir in the course of one
of my BBC Panorama interviews with her when she was prime minister.

In a doomsday situation, she said, Israel “would be prepared to
take the region down with it.”

The question arising is something like this. Is there any power on Planet
Earth that could assist Israeli Jews to save themselves from themselves
– perhaps I should say save themselves from their deluded leaders?

The more I think about this question, the more I am convinced that there
is only one power that could do it – the Jews of the world. But that
must be the subject of another post and I will welcome thoughts from
others before I write it.

You can not save something from itself, because it is itself destroying
itself, and that is what the Jews are doing. If there was some outside
enemy, it would be easier, but the enemy is 'within.' That enemy can still
be defeated but it requires a change within the Jews themselves. This is
what the Jews do not want to do, and therefore the holocausts will go on.

Why are you a Jew ? Do you know what a Jew is ? Because you where born
from Jewish ansestors ? That is only a spurious theory on what a Jew is,
one that serves certain interests. In the entire above post is missing
the central theme: the Torah, why ?

What should have been learned from the holocaust, is that Jewry was
guilty over games with money, that cross Torah law. They where attacked
for that fact by the Nazis, who acted as a 'rod of heaven' to beat the
Jews. The result should have been a return to the Torah law and to stop
with the hetter iska and prozbul lies.

What should have been learned from the great many pogroms and slaughters
that the Jews where subjected to by the jesuscultists ? That they should
not bow to a King, not ask for a King (a tyrant). But they did, and that
is another big reason the Jews are in trouble. The enemy is not without,
the enemy is within. You are the problem, you are the holocaust, you are
the pogrom, but you don't see it.

The question is, because Israel as a whole does not want to choose to do
(real) Justice: who still wants to head out into the desert anyway, face
all the dangers that may be there, in the service of true Justice.

Are YOU willing to denounce the hetter iska ?
Are YOU willing to denounce the prozbul ?
This means denouncing Hillel the elder, and Maimonides, because as far
as I can tell they have engineered these rebellions. That means the
Talmud is in the toilet, the Shulchan Aruch in only good for kindling.
That is a big step, especially for the rebels that call themselves
orthodox, but they are not orthodox because if they where how can they
accept the hetter iska or the prozbul. To a degree it may even be easier
to accept for seculars, because everyone in their sane mind knows by now
that capitalism is a failure or at least something very serious is the
matter with it; even if it is only a lack of fighting organized crime.

Are YOU willing to demand the land in Eretz Israel is distributed, and
kept so distributed ?

If the answer is 'no Jos, no I will not stand with justice, I will not
stand with you or with anyone else. I fold for the sytsem, for the
overbearing weight of the rabbis who get it wrong, of the agression
of certain parts of society in the pursuit of their money and rents.'
In that case you don't have far to search for the problem of why the
Jews continue to suffer murder and war.

If the answer is 'yes, let's destroy these false laws and institute
proper, sane laws for Economics, and stop asking for a tyrant (notice
how many religious Jews are constantly asking to be ruled by a tyrant,
to a degree at least, even though that is against the Torah itself),
then maybe a hard road is ahead; but like out of Egypt, it might
literally lead you to a 'promised land.' That is literally your
share of the land. The rest may be assimilated, lost or die in the
imploding empires, or who knows what will happen.

Aren't the Jews the Jews because they left with Moshe Rabbeinu into
the desert ?

The implosion of the current Jewish state and the ongoing wars and
suffering within Eretz Israel and in the nations is necessary for the
Jews to realize that they are not doing good enough. The suffering
must now intensify because the Jews do not want to do the truth.
Without truth and justice there is no future for this world, and it
must return to the stone age (that means a universal 99.99% death rate,
or so, the greatest holocaust of all, and it will have to include the
Jews too.) Do the math, it is easy to see.

To those who think these are only games: you sit tight and do nothing,
death will come for you no problem; you laugh while you can, you will
be ripped to shreds soon enough. Worry you god damned idiot, what is wrong
with you ? How dare you belief in this nonsense that the Israeli state has
any strength ? It is half the size of the Dutch nation for crying out loud,
it is helpless ! You think your big bomb will save you ? Wrong ! The fate
of your nation is not in your hands; the only chance you have is seeking
Justice. How ? It is in your Torah, and it is not hard to comprehend.
Good luck. If you don't get it right, and I am fairly sure you will not,
things will probably implode in Eretz Yisrael, and then you will be sorry,
and many may be dead. Who will you blame ? Blame yourselves. Nobody showed
you the way ? I have done so for years on the economic & Government questions.
You don't care, that is the whole problem, with the holocaust period and now.
You will not escape, do you understand ? You're nothing in Eretz, a joke !
An indefensible strip of land, between how many hostiles ? You think you
can bomb away every last arab in a 2000 km radius ? You would have to
kill yourselves too, even if you could bomb that much.

You are crazy over there, and you are going to suffer for it and die for it.
Who stands with justice ? None. Stop hetter iska and prozbul, distribute the
land while you still can. My goodness, still they draw a blank stare. Ok
then, death will come for you; and as the prophets say: only a few will return
to the Torah, the rest will be gone.
-- Communism, anarchy and capitalism are insufficient.
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