I found the message below, addressed to a cousin, in which I described
the rip off on the part of the Municipal workers of Tzfat during the
Lebanon war last summer.

It's high time that this was made widely known outside Israel. I am
ashamed of myself for having hesitated to broadcast this information
earlier. My son was in the army and I was constrained to keep my

I'm making up for that mistake now and will make this known outside
it is known exactly who the perpetrators are.

The workers at the Tzfat Municipality continue to work (usually until
about 13:00 - that's supposed to be full-time) with the same sense of
security, entitlement and lavishing "extras" on themselves that they
did before the war in Lebanon - even as the City of Tzfat is on the
verge of economic collapse and a programme of financial "recovery" so
draconian is being discussed that we may not have lights in the
streets at night or regular garbage removal.

Getting back to what happened during the war with Lebanon last summer:

1) 1000 of the 5000 meals that were donated by a charity went
unaccounted for every day. The worker at the Municipality who was in
charge of distribution told local reporters that he was told to put
the 1000 meals aside daily and to leave no written record as to having
received them.

2) A truck load full of air conditioners that were donated for the
poorly-ventilated, sweltering bomb shelters vanished into, well, thin

3) Ditto for the TVs that were donated. In contradistinction, the
workers of the Municipality (that is, the 17 out of 350 who didn't
desert the city entirely) arranged deluxe, "VIP" shelters for
themselves, replete with color TV, A/C and Internet.

4) The free days in hotels, including free meals, that were donated by
the hotels themselves and were specifically designated for the infirm
and elderly first and foremost were, instead, used by workers in the
Municipality. As the result of not getting one of those rooms, one
woman whose 8-year-old handicapped, wheelchair-bound daughter, who
must be kept in sterile conditions, contracted an infection and had to
be hospitalized. Some relative of some worker of the City got the room
that little girl should have had. No matter, eventually she got a nice
room - in the hospital.

5) A huge number of disposable diapers that was donated likewise
disappeared. What the hell can someone do with tons of nappies???

As a result of most of the Municipality workers running for the own
lives and leaving us here to die, the army sent in a regiment of
reserve soldiers to run the city. They did an exemplary job of
handling the exigencies, but the danger of the precedent of being
deserted by the democratically-elected gov't of the city and being
governed almost entirely by high-ranking officers in the army need not
be elaborated upon.

I am LIVID. I am also mobilized and galvanized to speak up about this.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel