OMG! News from Israel..Appalling!

I got this from Dvora. It is important, demonstrating how
Palestinians _lie_ without shame and the anti-semites lap it op
and propagate it.

Op-Ed_Expose: Catholics Label Rachel's Tomb a Mosque
Published: Friday, June 29, 2012 7:11 PM

The PA(Palestinian Authority) wants the Church of the Nativity to be the
world's 1st heritage site, and now they also say that nearby Rachel's
Tomb is a mosque.
She lived thousands of years before Mohammed so they can't claim her for

Christians are backing them!!!!!!
Giulio Meotti~The writer, an Italian journalist with 'Il Foglio', writes
a weekly column for
Arutz Sheva. He is the author of the book "A New Shoah", that researched
the personal stories of Israel's terror victims, published by Encounter.
His writing has appeared in publications, such as the Wall Street
Journal, Frontpage and Commentary. "=96=BA
The Palestinian Authority is making a historic bid to list Bethlehem's
Church of the Nativity
as its first world heritage site under the United Nations. (GOOD LORD!)

The PLO knows the consequences of locating King David and Jesus' city as
being in the "country of Palestine"=9D.
The final goal is the de-Judaization of the land of Israel.

Oras Hamdan Taha, the Palestinian minister who deals with antiquities
and gets funds from Unesco, made clear,"it's writing or rewriting the
history of Palestine".
The next in line is Rachel's Tomb, Judaism's third most holy
site.......or as the Jews say in Hebrew,"Rahel Imenu"=9D, and in
Yiddish, ""Mame Rochel" - our Mother Rachel.In the book of Genesis, the
Bible says: "And Rachel died,
and was buried on the way to Ephrata, which
is Bethlehem. And Jacob set a pillar upon her grave: That is the pillar
of Rachel's grave unto this day"=9D.

For millennia, Rachel's Tomb,alongside the road between Jerusalem and
Bethlehem, has served as a place of longing, pilgrimage and prayer for
the Jewish people, although there
is some controversy about the grave's exact location.
Only in1996, the Palestinians began referring
to the site as the "Bilal ibn Rabah Mosque"=9D,
as Unesco shamefully listed it in 2010.
The PLO enrolled the tomb as a weapon in the Second Intifada, claiming
the site and shooting on a daily basis at the Jewish worshippers.

On Yom Kippur 2000, six days after the Israeli army retreated from
Joseph's Tomb in Nablus, the PLO newspaper Al-Hayat al-Jadida published
an article explaining that Rachel's Tomb was the next Palestinian
Before the PLO's propaganda, the Arabs simply referred to the site as
"Kubat Rahil"=9D,the dome
of Rachel.

What is unknown is that the Christian institutions in Judea and
Samaria~~~~are collaborating with the Muslims to destroy and deny the
Jewish character of the sacred site.
And the strategy has already proven to be very successful.

Last February,Unesco, which has accepted
the Palestinian Authority as a state, claimed Rachel's Tomb and the Tomb
of the Patriarchs are not exclusively Jewish sites~~but "also belong to
Christians and Muslims'"
Writing in the Palestine Chronicle, the Christian Fadi Kattan denied
"the Jewishness"=9D and
"the exclusiveness of Jewish access to Rachel's tomb"=9D.

It was in a meeting with Christian leaders that, in March 2010, Chief
Islamic Judge,Tayseer Tamimi,called on Muslim and Christian leaders to
take immediate action against Israel's attempts to "Judaise"=9D
Jerusalem and "the Bilal ibn Rabah Mosque"=9D.

Pax Christi, one of the most famous global Catholic organizations~~in
its website~~~~ repeatedly calls the Jewish site~~~~ a "mosque"=9D.

Then there is the Bethlehem University of the Holy Land, the only
Vatican-run educational institution in the area and whose founding
can be traced back to the visit of Pope Paul
VI in the holy land in 1964.
The Catholic University recently launched a project about the Rachel's
The document calls it "a historical religious
site for followers of Christianity and Islam, a sacred site also for
Jews, who today control
all access to it~~~~despite its location on Palestinian lands"=9D.

The Vatican institution seems to ignore that all of Rachel's Tomb
belongs to Area C, which
the Oslo Accords gave to Israeli jurisdiction.The very title of the
Catholic project, "Rachel:An Alien in her Hometown"=9D,suggests that the
tomb is a spot hijacked by the Israelis.

The tomb, the Catholic report says, "is also known by Muslims as the
Bilal Ibn Rabah Mosque"=9D. According to the Vatican university, the
Jews stole the past, the Jewish shrines are Arab treasures stolen by the
Zionists, and the Jews are no more than invading colonizers.

The last time I visited Rachel's Tomb, two years ago, the Israeli
contractor who worked at the security barrier showed me the Arab houses
from where the Palestinian snipers shot at the Jews visiting the grave.
Down below, there is the romantic, medieval picture of the once modest,
quiet, calm, serene and solitary domed tomb.

The 20th century of Joseph Goebbels has taught all of us that a lie
starts as a small one, but if it is not corrected, it festers like a
cancer destroying truth, justice and finally - people.

A lesson that the Catholics should have learned much better.~~~Now
Rachel's Tomb is like a bunker highly protected by walls, barbed wire,
soldiers, cameras, corridors. Someone should also protect it from
horrible lies!!!!

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