About those wishes

On the 1st of july Gek posted this at the End of his answer to me

really not interested in pursuing this further. Unless Moshiach comes
quickly, we will all be speaking Arabic. I can't wait to see you
wearing a Burka.

My first reaction was, to remind him how some very religious Jewish ladies in Beth Shemesh and Jerusalem already Over Dress and Over cover themselves. But i decided to wait with my answer.
I assume Mr Gek that you never tried on a Burka or a veil, By the way do you know the Difference between both, and or other sorts of covering shawls dresses etc.
Some of the all covering shawls, make sense WHEN ONE WALKS IN A DESERT, as they cover you from Sun Rays and SAND!.
Visiting in Europe and entering Chic Shops you might encounter, Oil Rich ladies who wear under their Bisht, Abbah or Fustan An Elegant Costly Western Dress.
Last not least i have a friend who collects tribal clothing, i tried on some of the clothes they look wonderful and suit their purpose. and i modeled some for a photo.
By the way have you noted that Male Abbayahs For the Elegant persons now are made from English wools?
You wish me to wear a Burkah, and think it is a curse of some sort.
what a pitiful note.