North Carolina Democrats Mobilize Against Israel

Apparently the North Carolina Democratic Party hasn’t gotten the
endlessly repeated “memo” regarding the Obama administration’s
“unwavering support” for the state of Israel. During last weekend’s
party convention, a resolution that would criticize Israel for its
“illegal occupation of Palestine” was seriously considered before
being tabled. Not killed — tabled. It has been referred to the state’s
executive committee for further consideration at a later date.

Resolution number 26, titled “Bring a Just Peace to the Middle East:
Israel and Palestine,” is a screed of leftist-inspired grievances,
attacking the United States for providing Israel with “$3 billion
annually in military aid.” According to North Carolina Democrats, such
funds pay for “the Israeli occupation, disenfranchisement and
impoverishment of significant numbers of the Palestinian population,”
and the facilitation of “Israel’s overwhelming military might and its
role as the only nuclear power.” That military might ostensibly
threatens the “stability in a region witnessing increased demands for
democracy and an end to autocratic rule.” The funding is also used by
Israel to “continue … demolition of Palestinian homes, expansion of
existing illegal settlements built on expropriated Palestinian land,
and a continued blockade of essential goods from Gaza, causing a U.N.
documented humanitarian crisis.”

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