The Strangers Among Us

A very good description of the problems of the illegal aliens from
Africa which are now flooding the country can be found here:

The Strangers Among Us

Our government's unfathomable incompetence in addressing the problem has
turned public sentiment against asylum- and job seekers.

I am almost ashamed to admit it, but I am looking at the roundup of African
asylum-seekers with an equal mixture of heartbreak and relief.

Heartbreak because it goes against something deeply embedded inside every
Jew to see a refugee who is seeking a better life jailed and deported; and
relief because frankly, this complex situation has just become more than
Israel and its citizens can handle.

It began about six years ago with African refugees from war-torn Sudan and
poverty-stricken Eritrea desperately crossing the Sinai to find refuge from
the horrors of their homelands. Exploited, raped and sometimes murdered by
Bedouin who sold their organs, Africans who made it into Israel alive found
a sympathetic ear among Israelis.

How could they not? .

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