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According to midrash, Adam's first wife was a demon namedLillith.

If you recall, back in 2004 a poster informed us that according to his
tradition, Lilith is a reference to Hava after the incident of the
Tree, but before she and Adam have figured out how to educate their
children. She was transformed into a she-demon in the late Middle

Search as I might on the Web, I can find nothing on subject of this
name, "Hava". While reading J. R. Salamanca's novel, *Lilith* I became
quite fascinated with this myth, and recall reading of a relation
between Lilith and a certain species of willow tree that grows in
Mesopotamia. There is a tradition (Babylonian or Sumerian) that she
was thought to dwell, as a demon/spirit in the trunk of this tree--
hence the spunky sap often found oozing from the species, similar to
what is found with some cottonwoods and poplars.

Other elements of the mythology do make much of the said "equality"
between Adam and Lilith, and speak of how she refused to perform the
act of love with Adam by laying beneath him, and for this reason
fought with him and fled from the Garden

Salamanca's Lilith is one of the finest novels I know, and the film
made of it by Robert Rossen, director of "The Hustler* was quite good
as well, though the rich mythological allusions of the novel were
missing from the film which fixes on the psychiatric theme and the