Re: "The BBC and 'The Jews'"

On Thu, 17 May 2012 21:58:07 +0000 (UTC), Yisroel Markov
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Prof. Walter R. Mead remains vigilant:

"American Presidents have long been criticized for being too in thrall
to the Jewish lobby. The American Jews influence US foreign policy and
that explains Washington?s unwavering support for Israel."

Who made this statement this past week?

(a) A disgruntled fringe neo-Nazi
(b) Some poor soul ranting on their Facebook page
(c) The BBC

Sadly, as you can see in the clip above, the answer is C. This ugly
assertion is the host?s opening line in an episode of this past week?s
BBC HARDtalk program. This vicious garbage isn't "sort of" or "almost"
anti-Semitic; it is the real thing: vivid, unapologetic, odious and

Full article at

Is it untrue? Is it a lie? Is it a total fabrication?

No, it's none of those things. Therefore it's not anti-semitic