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It's humour. He's the typical middle class guy more than he's the
typical Jew, though of course he is Jewish and he brings that into his

Middle class? Most of his films (the non-period ones, anyway) tend to
place among the NYC Upper-East-Side artistic elite. Not that there's
anything wrong with that. And even in the movies where the main
aren't rich, e.g., "Broadway Danny Rose," money never really seems to be
an issue. OTOH, maybe that's what you mean by "middle class?"

One key thing about Woody Allen is he became successful at a young age -
in high school - and never really had to look back, in terms of money,
fame, success, etc. So I think that colors his work a certain way.

But in any case, IMO Woody Allen films aren't so much about being Jewish
per se as they are about being Woody Allen, who is Jewish. And also a
clarinet player, and also a bunch of other things.

The Woody Allen documentary that was recently on PBS was really

It represents a truth. That's why it's funny. But it's not the whole
truth, of course, or it wouldn't be funny either. It's a bit like
saying that Jeeves represents upper class British life. For humour you
take one aspect, then exaggerate it, so it becomes ridiculous.

This is true. Woody Allen has also made serious movies, and even his
comedies tend to try to make serious philosophical points.

Give him another chance, Shelly, he really is a genius. Thing is the
made 40-something movies in the last 40-something years. The quantity
I think, reduced the public's appreciation for the quality of some of his
works - if he'd just produced the top 10 of those works, I don't think
anyone would question putting him up there with Scorcese, Kubrick,
Bergman, etc. His top 10 movies are some of the best American movies ever


I hated every movie of his I ever saw. I won't waste any more of my time
or money.

That's your loss.

"Midnight in Paris" was one of his best. Nothing Jewish about it.
And it was his best box office success.


At least four Oscar nominations, including Best Film, Director....