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The House of Lords (led by bishops) has defeated the Government's proposal
to limit family benefits to the average income of working families.

I don't understand. What is their limit now?
More than the average income of working families?
More but only more because it pays extra the more chidren one has?
Based on prior income is my last guess?

There is no limit now. They get housing allowances, i.e. rent according to rent levels in the area.

Jewish connection. Many Haredi families in Stamford Hill (probably
Manchester also) are living on these benefits.

I'm also interested in the efforts by Scotland to secede.

No more on topic than American primary elections.

To bring the issue back on topic it will affect remote British-Jewish communities that don't want to disengage from British Jewry and national British-Jewish organisations (US/OOCR, CST, charity sector...) .

Hi Frank, nice to hear from you. Do you still live in Aberdeen?
Are you saying that the Jewish community in Scotland are against independence?
That is interesting and on-topic.
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