Re: Haredi extremists attack 7 year old schoolgirl

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Jay which groups?  Haredim are several groups?  It is mostly the
followers of the Ger dynasty and those who are the Guardians of the

No, it's not. In the case of Beit Shemesh, it's the Sicarii.

 Or would you rather use a broad brush to tar even groups like
Chabad ?

Who was talking about Chabad?
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Jay does with his blanket labels against anyone who is frum. The way
he uses the label "Haredi", it sounds like he means Chabad, Yeshivish,
anyone who wears a black hat and coat.

Of couse it is Neturai Karta (aka Sicarii, or Guardians of the City).
Or Gerrorists. Like the Occupy movement, they tend to be more
"organized" (have leaders, an agenda) than the majority of the
population. And have the ability to get news coverage. Frankly if
there was an organized opposition, they would be shut down very
quickly. They just do not have the numbers. Now Shas has numbers but
not even close to the numbers that the Haloni have. It is just that
the secular Jews in Israel are not focused on silencing these few
extremists. It is noise in the background for most, only amplified by
the press.