Re: Tebow Critics Put Their Own Bigotry on Display

Patty wrote:

On Dec 22, 6:33 pm, Dennis <tsalagi18NOS...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
[ Moderator's Comment: "Rabbi Yehoshua" is not a recognised authority
on   Judaism.  DSL   ]

moshes wrote:
I don't know who Tim Tebow is, beyond what I read in this
blog. But it surely has a Jewish perspective.

Tim Tebow is an (American) football player, a quarterback, who
displays h
evangelical Christian faith on the football field.  Some feel this is
show, others feel it is sincere and are impressed.

A fair number of American celebrities do this sort of thing.  Rabbi
Yehoshua did have a lot of harsh words for hypocrites, but he also
said, "Judge not, lest you be judged."  The latter remark is now my
own inclination.

I do not recall the word 'hypocrite' being used in the Tanakh; am I
mistaken?  Also is there any analogy to 'Judge not lest you be
the Tanakh or Talmudh?  I can't think of one in the Tanakh.


Please give the citation where R. Yehoshua says this.

Matthew 7:1. NT quotations are OT here, of course. Perhaps you were
thinking of a different R. Yehoshua. No, the Christian R. Yehoshua is
not a recognized authority on Judaism.