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but then we knew that...

Did you see Helen's face in that picture? Scowling. Hateful.

That's a face that only a mother could love . . . . .maybe.

Thomas thinks she hit a nerve? Judging by her comments and her angry
puss, I'd say her resignation hit a nerve with herself. She had been
around so long and had gotten away with so much BS, perhaps she
thought she was untouchable.

Well at 90 hopefully God will call her 'home' pretty soon, but that is
up to God.

You seem to be hoping that somebody will die. Is wishing death on
people acceptable on SCJM?

-- Q


Why would wishing death on Ahmadenijad or his twin, Chavez, be
on SCJM?

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It would be unacceptable because it is uncivilized and sociopathic.
It is an underevolutionized way of dealing with dissent. ?People who
go around glibly wishing death on people they disagree with, or don't
like, show that they think life is cheap -- especially other people's
lives. ?I think that SCJM should mirror standards that are acceptable
in civilized society. ?Wishing death on people is a throwback to the

-- Q


Apparently you have not been listening to Ahmadenijad, but if you have, then
you must be missing Jewish values.

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Wishing death on people does not reflect "Jewish values." Most Jews
don't go around hoping others will die.

-- Q

It may not reflect your views but it does reflecdt Jewish views, BAVod
Reshaim rinah,. It is your views that are not Jewish and why you have
supported numeorus anti semites here.

No. I agree with her. Will you accuse me of supporting anti-Semites?

Susan Silberstein