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(Quoting the Israeli Declaration of Independence)
B'Eretz Israel kam ha-am ha-Yehudi ... anu machrizim b'zot al
hakamat medina Yehudit b'Eretz Israel, he Medinat Israel.

It was good enough for Ben Gurion, et. al., and it is good enough for

This was the one topic that B.G. was not farsighted about. (As an
example of his usual prescience, he saw clearly the stupidity of
settling the West bank and Gaza). He did not foresee the consequences
of his reliance the Haredim and NRP as coalition partners. If he knew
how far along the road to a halakhic state it would take us, he might
have been a bit more cautious in his wording, and said " ... haqamat
medinat hayehudim (or better still "medinat `am yisrael") be-eretz
yisrael ...".

Do you really think tha wording was for the sake of Haredim? Did any
Haredi actually sign the Declaration of Independence?

David Ben-Gurion
Daniel Auster
Yitzhak Ben-Zvi
Mordechai Bentov
Eliyahu Berligne
Fritz Bernstein
Rachel Cohen-Kagan
Eliyahu Dobkin
Yehuda Leib Fishman
Wolf Gold
Meir Grabovsky
Avraham Granovsky
Yitzhak Gruenbaum
Kalman Kahana
Eliezer Kaplan
Avraham Katznelson
Saadia Kobashi
Moshe Kolodny
Yitzhak-Meir Levin
Meir David Loewenstein
Zvi Luria
Golda Meyerson
Nahum Nir
David-Zvi Pinkas
Felix Rosenblueth
David Remez
Berl Repetur
Zvi Segal
Mordechai Shatner
Ben-Zion Sternberg
Bechor-Shalom Sheetrit
Haim-Moshe Shapira
Moshe Shertok
Herzl Vardi
Meir Vilner
Zerach Warhaftig
Aharon Zisling

What an august list of_personages_. Do you think a similarly
impressive list could be made from the current Knesset members?

You must be joking.

Incidentally, to answer Abe's (rhetorical?) question, there are three
Haredim on the list: Kalman Kahana (Poalei Agudat Yisrael), Yitzhak-
Meir Levin and Meir David Loewenstein (Agudat Yisrael).
Levin was a full member (Minister) in Ben Gurion's first coalition,
but later resigned o ideological grounds. Since then the Ashkenazi
Haredim have only accepted positions as Deputy Minister, often with
full ministerial powers, as an indication of their ambiguous attitude
to the State.


Moshe Schorr
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