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How about the possibility some of us think the current policy of the
Israeli government is wrong, immoral and unJewish?

Which policy, exactly? (not being rhetorical, I'm honestly curious)


The settlement policy which constitutes an illegal occupation.
Military control of the occupied territories ditto.

How is the "settlement policy" "unJewish?" How is this contrary to
Jewish law? Anyone who cares about Jewish history knows that the
"West Bank" is historically Judea and Samaria.

That so called occupied territory includes places like Hebron and
other places holy to Jewish people and historically important. HOw
can it be "un Jewish" for the Jews to want land stolen from them and
kept from them?

How did Jews get the name "Jew"? A "Jews" is someone who comes from
the nation of Judea. That's what it means.


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