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Remember his paranoiac posting about how Muslims are out-reproducing
us?  Question is how many kids does he have?

I don't remember that we're being outproduced, but I do remember that
they're forming exclusive neighborhoods in Washington DC where only
Muslims are allowed to buy houses (aside from the fact that such an
arrangement would be discriminatory and against the law), and I also
know that we all need to run out and join a militia because Helter
Skelter is right around the corner.
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---Cindy S.

If someone raids you shul, could you defend yourself?

If a meteor falls on you, could you defend yourself?

Is it your right to demand that the police die for you? How is it

One has a right to free speech? One can ask, he won't always get what
he wants.

that your life is worth more than that of the police officer? If you

I don't think anyone's ever said that it is, not mine nor Cindy's.

are unwilling to fight, to defend yourself,

Who said anyone was unwilling?

But I'll pretend that is the case since you assumed it was in your

then why should I as a
member of the military or law enforcement die protecting you like you
are the president or something?

Are you a member of the military or law enforcement?

Regardless, the reason such a person has to risk death protecting
others is that it is part of the job. No one is drafted into the
military anymore, and no one was ever drafted into the police or the
FBI, etc. They have all volunteered. When one of them dies in
service, it has nothing to do with the relative worth of him versus
anyone else, it's about the fact that he volunteered for the job and
he's obliged to do it.

I think it's that this hadn't occurred to you already and that you
asked the question the way you did that I asked whether you are
actually a member.

And Muslims are creating exclusive neighborhoods. In fact it is not

There is a new street near me with an Arabic name. It's only a block
long and since it's the suburbs, few people are ever outside. Those
that were weren't Arabs, however, but some might have been black
American Muslims.

I think it's more likely the builder named the street but sold the
houses to anyone. One of the big perqs of being a house builder is
getting to name the streets, like Amleht Court, which is Thelma
spelled backwards. And the streets where I used to live, Jimmy St.
and Nancy St., plainly named after the builder's kids.

hard to create a subdivision where the property is sold privately thus
excluding other groups.

It may not be hard to do, until they are caught, but it's probably
illegal. If you would give more details, like an example of something
that has actually been built and sold, I could check up on whether
it's illegal or not.

Surprised that the christians have not
thought of it.

We thought of it. My shul sold its property without advertising, to
make sure it didn't get bought by a church. But that's only one small
piece of land, big enough for 12 townhouses. The townhouses
themselves will be sold to anyone who wants one. Much less chance we
did anything wrong, and much much much less chance anyone will


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