Re: The BBC is really starting to annoy me now

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Rabbi El`azar said, "Anyone who becomes compassionate to the cruel
ends up being cruel to the compassionate." (Midrash Tanhuma on
Parashat Metzora`, Sec. 1)

Sorry to be vulgar but it sounds like the sort of embroidery the
executioners wife would make for her husband to take with him & hang
up at work

Reminds me of an old (Jewish) joke.
The executioner was about to pull the string to do the act when a
messanger arrives with a telegram for the condemned man.
The condemned man opens it and the executioner reads over his shoulder
"Regret to inform you that your brother died last night". The
executioner says "I wish you long life" and pulls the string.
Shabbat shalom

I must be missing something; I don't understand this.

Maybe it's only in England that when somebody has lost a relative (or has Jahrzeit) other Jews say "I wish you long life"

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