Re: Shraga Feivel = Philip

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Shraga Feivel is a common name pair. Shraga is Aramaic for fire, and
and Feivush is Yiddish for Phoebus, the Greek goddess of light. (Yup,
a Yiddish name with pagan roots. But then, Mordechai and Esther set
precedent.) Feivel is the diminutive. Feivel became thought of as the
Yiddish translation of Shraga, so typically the person was informally
just called Feivel.

Fievel is a Yiddish form of the Slavic Pavel, which is the Slavic form
of the English name Paul, not Phillip. The Czar Paul was (un)
affectionately called "Kaiser Feivel" by Russian Jews.

descendent of a long line of Jews who despised all things Russian.
Nonetheless, I wish all Jews, including those of russian descent, a
good Hodesh.