Re: McCain and the Jews

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"J J Levin" <jjlevin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

John McCain SOLICITED this guy's support? And has not renounced him?
we thank God's messenger, Adolph Hitler?

Keep in mind that there are Jews who say that Hitler was carrying out Gd's
will also, so...

Most O Jews whom I have heard or read have said that the Holocaust was so
beyond the pale that it cannot be understood, rather than attribute these
atrocities and mass exterminations to God. Especially since hundreds of
thousands of pious believers, and 1.5 million innocent children, were
slaughtered along with the "sinners" . The Holocaust is one reason why I am
an atheist. The old conundrum: either God is omnipotent (and willingly did
not stop the Holocaust, in which case he cannot be all-benevolent) or he is
not omnipotent and therefore is not God. Take your pick.