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Yes. I find this _very_ interesting. Somebody at least has their
heads screwed on straight and can recognioze bias when it's there.

Joel, did you read it?

If the only problem was bias, it would be a problem
but not too much of one. The problem is that the
liberals cannot conceive that people do not all think
like them.

Many have that problem, but the liberals seem more inclined
to _act+ based on that misconception. Meanwhile Ahmidenejad
gets his nuclear weapons. <Sigh>

Too true. I do not see Israel of being able to get
through the Iranian defenses with enough bombing power
to do much damage to the Iranian underground facilities.
Iran is much too strong for that, despite their rule
by Ayatollahs.

The use of "non-violent methods" against
"oppressors" only works if the "oppressors" have
essentially the Jewish or "Judeo-Christian" or some
such ideals. We see what happens in Tibet or Myanmar
when the "Gandhi" methods are used. In fact, Gandhi
suggested that the Jews march into the crematoria,
with the idea that this would stop the Germans!

Was _that_ Gandhi's idea? to stop the Germans? Or was it
_his_ Solution to the Jewish Problem. :-(

Gandhi stated as much. He was not sure it would stop
Hitler, but he considered the disdain from others to
be worth it. Alas, non-violent resistance was rather
effective against the 20th century British, but would
it have been effective against the Japanese? Doubtful.

We have had the argument that God could have prevented
the genocide of WWII. One can make the argument that
He permitted it so we could see the horror and take
action against other such actions. But alas we have
had many such, and have done little. We did intervene
in Kosovo and Bosnia, somewhat late, but we did a fair
job in those places.

And I'm sure the USA is still hated in some places for it.

Whatever you do, you will be hated by someone for it.

We have not done so well in other
places, and in most places, we have not really tried.

Just possibly, we can get the various Islamic groups
in Iraq to make peace; if not, they will attempt
genocide on each other.

I hope they _all_ are successful. :-)

If we could "detach" Iraq, and leave them to themselves,
it would not be so bad, but this is NOT possible.

One nation cannot go after those who wish to impose
their will on others, and the liberals seem to think
that we can TALK all of them out of it. The reality
is that we can rarely get anywhere without the use
of force or threat of it.

Herman, when you don't talk religion, it's a pleasure.

But I am talking religion!
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