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You're probably right, but 1) going with rabbi Furst is the only way to
going in my time frame, 2) his integrity in the area of kashrus is
exemplary, and that means a lot to me, and 3)I like working with him. I
see how he's be worried about the public's perception of him, and he does
have far more to lose than the OU in that regard. In the end, though, it
depends upon what the poskim say. If I ask the question and Rav Belsky
I should change the name, I must take what he says seriously, but I"m
asking advice. Rabbi Furst, on the other hand, is asking a halachic
question based upon sanctification of G-d's name vs. desecration, and to
what extent it makes a difference. After that, it's really going to be
to him.

Better Brisket
Craig's Que
Bar K
JB or JayBee's (short for Just Beef if anyone asks)


I like JB, but there's already a JB's BBQ in LA County. But thanks, and
keep thinking of more names, please. I'm pretty arrogant, but not so much
so that I need my name on the restaurant. I'll be serving more than
brisket. Bar K doesn't appeal to me. But thanks!

I think the whole Hashkafah thing is over reaching. Its politics and goes as
far as mind control. I'm not at all put off by references to pork/pig. Am I
mis-remembering a discussion once on when and how we may profit from trief
animals as long as we don't consume them. If we can profit from the animal,
then why can we not profit from the name of the animal?

I thought a mashgiach's job was to certify the kashrut of the food, not
approve of the name? Are the people who adhere to this Hashkafah the target
group for eating your product, even as carry out instead of in house service
(Meal Mart in Kew Garden Hills, Queens, and the other local food places did
a great business in rotisserie chicken all week with Friday's business being
huge). How much is working with this particular mashgiach worth giving up a
name you thought would be perfect? Can you afford a market survey for a few
names to see what works best?

Of your list of alternatives, I like: Porkless Pete's, Porkless Pete's BBQ
[are you ready for people to ask to meet Pete - all the time], Craig's
Smokehouse, Pete's Place, Pete's BBQ...Other options we've thought about
are: P.D.Q. B.B.Q., Gamzu Barbecue (if you can handle hearing people mangle
gamzu), Yummy Q (very cutesy but flows well), The Q Joint, Q-Town, Q-Ville
(play with Dr. Suess type rhymes for the menu or interior signs?), Q R S
('cue are us), The BBQ Shack, Smokin' Pete's, King Q, The Q Spot (pretty

It used to be that having a cute name which used Hebrew as a play on words
made a place 'the' place to eat (example Taam China). That gets people in
the door the first time. Then enticing them to repeat business will become
the second hurdle. But a lot of places seem to have trouble with that second
task, so not sure how much the name truly benefits)

More names to ponder:
Pete's Pit (Play on both BBQ pit and "The Peach Pit" an ice cream shop in
the 1980's tv show "Beverly Hills 90210");
Cousin (Cuzin) Craig's [Kentucky] Barbecue [and more]; Que For You; Barbecue

Will keep pondering. Hope all is progressing and that it will be a huge hit.

Am wondering/concerned about the lack of the smoke ring. All the TV foodie
shows tell people to look for that ring, or else its not real barbecue.
Would hate for that to affect business. Wonder whether you'll need to
address that on your menu, or in your cooking method.