Re: Israel Saves Darfur refugees (Naomi Ragen)

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This is very selective, Harry. It was the *laws* crafted by previous
administrations that handicapped the US's ability to accept refugees.
Don't forget, too, that this was before the time of "imperial
presidency". The executive's power (which would grow under FDR, it's
true) was more limited than it is today.
Criticizing FDR for not doing more *prior* to the US entry into WWII
is valid, as far as it goes. Lumping him with Hitler, Stalin and Haman
"yemach shmo" is grossly unfair and and doesn't bear out in actual
This is utterly preposterous. Laws can be changed. One can criticize
the anti-immigration laws on many grounds, but blaming those who
supported them for not, in the 1920s, somehow having the foresight that
Hitler would come to power in 1933 and begin exterminating Jews in the 1940s
is beyond ridiculous. Any law can (and most do) have unintended consequences.
It's up to those in power to correct or undo them. The people who were in
power at the time are the only ones that can be blamed. And I'm not even
taking a side on FDR's culpability.

There is no way that the immigration quotas could have
been expanded, even if the future to that time were
known. HOWEVER, the quotas were not met, and much
more could have been done within the quotas.

One major problem was with the Department of State
civil service officers, which includes the consuls
who grant visas. They have always been anti-Semitic,
and being civil service officers, almost cannot be
fired. Only recently were ways around them in some
cases instituted, such as not having to leave the
country to get a resident visa.

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The man's name was Breckenridge Long (don't you love it!) and he was
the State Department official who did is best to see to it that as few
Jews as possible got into the U.S., quotas to the contrary.